З-29, ЗИО-11 Англ. яз. Дрейманис Т.И.

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Задания по английскому языку для гр. З-29 и ЗИО-11

1. Прочитать, перевести текст о библиотеке колледжа. Составить к нему 5 вопросов с вопросительными словами:

Our library.

This is our library. It is on the ground floor. How large and nice is our library! You know that the book is a source of knowledge, books are our best friends. That’s why most of our students are subscribers of the library. We go to the library very often to exchange books. It contains a lot of textbooks, scientific literature and fiction. The repository is rich in different kinds of books. In our library you can find a book according to your taste. When we enter the library we see first of all the Lending Department. Here at the table sits a librarian. Our librarian Irina Vladimirovna is very kind to us, students. She always suggests us an interesting book and satisfies our tastes. In the library there is always a stand with new books which are offered for reading. Now in front of you is a reading – hall. It is very cosy here. Everywhere you can see beautiful flowers. The students often do their homework in the reading – room. There are many computers.

Our library is one of the best in the town. It’s always a fine thing to get an interesting new book to read! Welcome to our library!

Words to the text:

On the ground floor на первом этаже

   a source of knowledge – источник знаний

   a subscriber – подписчик, читатель

   to exchange – обменять   

   to contain – содержать

   a repository – книгохранилище

   to be rich in – быть богатым чемлибо

   according to – согласно       

   to enter – заходить

   Lending Department – абонемент

   а librarian – библиотекарь

   to suggest – предлагать


   to offer – предлагать



2. Выучить диалог:



— Hi! Where are you going?

— To our library. We’ve got a large, nice library at the college.

— Oh, are you already a subscriber of it?

— Of course. I go to the library very often to exchange books. It is rich in different kinds of books.

— Oh, I see. Can you show me your library?

— Certainly. Welcome. Come in.

— All right. Let’s go together.


3. Выучить стихотворение:


Our college


            Our college is the best,

            Here we study hardly,

            And during our lunch break

            We have a good rest

            Going to the canteen

            Laughing and speaking friendly.

            We are proud of our college

            And like it so as the knowledge.

4. Сочинить своё стихотворение о колледже ( по желанию).

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